Our association welcomes:

  • MD-PhD students

  • graduates of the MD-PhD programs

  • medical students and physicians interested in research

If one of the above applies to you, we strongly encourage you to join!​

By becoming a member, you will:

  • be added to our mailing list and always find out first about the events and other activities we organize

  • have exclusive access to the "members-only" areas of the website, such as the member list with contact info

  • have voting rights

  • contribute to keeping our community active



Here are the steps you need to follow. 
1. Make an account on the website (top right corner). 
2. Send in a proof of your medical education (medical school diploma or a proof of enrolment into a medical school if you are still a student) to
3. Log into your account and choose the type of membership that is right for you. We offer two types of membership, depending on whether you have already finished your MD-PhD training (Ordinary member, with an annual fee of CHF 50) or not (Extraordinary member, with an annual fee of CHF 30). 
4. Set up the payment method for the membership fee. The payment will be executed automatically on a yearly basis until you cancel your membership.